Author: Sarah Horrocks

Inter-review: Hwei Lim + Emma Rios And Their Book Mirror

by Sarah Horrocks Mirror is a book from Emma Rios and Hwei Lim about the tensions on a distant asteroid between the colonizing mage scientists and a growing colony of sentient animal-human hybrids.  The aesthetic of the book is this airy watery pooling of form and color that combined with the multi-year time skips and the science-magic directions of its plot gives the book this space dream quality.  Or as the book progresses, maybe more a space phantom quality.  What starts out as a fairly contained meditation on the tensions between humans and animal hybrids on this asteroid colony...

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Sarah Horrocks: RCCC/Goro #1 Preview

So Brandon asked me to do a post about what I’m bringing to Rose City Comic Con in Portland, Oregon this weekend (9/8 to 9/10)–like in terms of my goods to trade for your dollars.  First off… I will be at Rose City Comic Con this weekend, in case you didn’t know.  I will be tabling with Brandon, and Alejandra(Gutierrez), who will herself have a zine and some prints, follow her on twitter(@effalope) for details–I have no idea what Brandon will have, probably stuff with butts on it that he’ll draw more butts inside of while talking to you about butts.  Alejandra and Brandon are allowing me to stay with them in Portland, which is also why I will be able to be at this thing.  Also, on Saturday, in the Afternoon, I will be doing a panel about this site, Coredoor with Joe Keatinge and the aforementioned Brandon (Graham).  I’m going to find out who came up with the name.  Was it Brandon?  Was it Joe?  Was it Shannon? Come to the panel, and find out.  I suspect we’ll get into other things as well. Also on Saturday they are doing the Pretty Deadly panel at like 1030am for some reason, but if I can get to the convention in time, I really want to go to that panel.  A huge reason I wanted to do this convention...

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Making the Art of the Two-Page Spread Matter Again

I thought it would be interesting to compare these spreads from Kirby’s OMAC and Black Panther work with these more modern covers by Bryan Hitch and David Finch for Ultimates 2(I believe) and Avengers Assembled.                   (Bryan Hitch, Ultimates 2) (David Finch, Avengers Assembled) The first thing that jumps out between these spreads is how much clearer Kirby’s pages are to look at just from a coloring standpoint.  With the Finch and Hitch spreads there is not a lot of contrast, and it almost hurts your eyes to try and delineate...

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