Author: Brandon Graham


HelloooOoo, Here’s all of the Comic lovers chapters that were done for Image plus magazine. These all ran on the inside front cover of the magazine from it’s 1st issue until it’s 11th. This one was riffing off of Wally Wood’s 22 panels that always work: I feel like my overall take on comics is less utilitarian than what Wood was going for with these. I’m much less interested in adding variety to boring panels and MUCH more into interesting new directions the art form can go when you combine words and pictures. Music in comics is often a...

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Here’s a 2 page comic that me and Simon Roy did for the 2017 Thought Bubble anthology. The pages were lettered by Ariana Maher Here’s the layouts that I sent Simon, he drew all of the scenes set in the present & I drew the flashback panels and colored it before sending it off to Ariana for lettering.   ...

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HELLlOoooo, another week of me (Brandon Graham– Of King city, Multiple Warheads, Prophet –etc) and Mr, Dr. Joe Keatinge (writer of Shutter, Ringside, Glory etc) Talking about some of the new comics that are coming out this week . (This list is based off looking at the list on comiclist) OK! let’s Thulsa DO IT! Aardvark Comics #1 by Dave Sim $4.00 (AARDVARK VANAHEIM) JOE: I’m not sure what I make of these Dave Sim/Gustave Doré mashup comics as, like Crumb last week, Sim’s a creator who I continue to have a complicated reader-to-work-to-creator relationship. Even with his well documented deplorable...

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This week. (By Joe and Brandon)

Here’s the first part of a weekly series where me (Brandon Graham) and Mr. Joe Keatinge (writer of Shutter, Ringside, Glory etc)  Talk about some of the new comics that are coming out this week. (This list is based off looking at the list on comiclist) ———————————————————————————————————- Short Con GN, $9.95 By Pete Toms, & Aleks Sennwald Published by ALTERNATIVE COMICS  This looks to be a fun book– I like the Vampfication joke on this page: Adventure Time Comics #15 Published by Boom.  –$3.99 Brandon: I’m interested in this issue to see what Ben Passmore did in it. Passmore is a cartoonist whose...

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FRAGMENTS OF FIRE By Alejandra Gutiérrez

These comics were made to go along my shorter autobio stuff that i’d done, the plan is to compile them all in a zine but with life and other projects it’s been kind of left behind so not many people have seen these. Maybe someday in the future, or maybe my autobio work will change and expand, but in the meantime here’s these two two (toot toot) pagers. Working thru issues with art is a unique experience that not everyone gets to do so i think it’s pretty cool– last year was rough, and making comics was def a...

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