Author: Shannon W Lentz

Homeward Bound – A short comic by Simon Roy

I drew this story back in 2011 with the intention of submitting it to an anthology (that ended up evaporating). I had been living in Calgary (which is snowy and full of magpies), reading a lot of Anders Nilssen, and contemplating hopeful apocalyptic outcomes. This short piece was an attempt to merge a lot of that into something singular and coherent. I hope you enjoy! -Simon Roy   (This story was collected in “Jan’s Atomic Heart and Other Stories”, published by Image Comics in...

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James Harvey and the art of Consentacle

As a avid board gamer, one thing I’ve noticed is the rise in quality of art in the hobby over the last 10 -15 years. Recently a unique game by the name of Consentacle was brought to my attention featuring art by someone those into indie comics may be familiar with. Currently smashing it’s goal on Kickstarter, I reached out to artist James Harvey, the man responsible for the art of Consentacle. 1. Tell me about yourself, for those who are unfamiliar with your work. I’m a writer/artist for the comics. I’m one of the few guys working for DC...

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Jakub Rozalski and the art of Scythe

Art in board games has come along way since the days of your youth spent playing Uno, Sorry and even the old standby Monopoly. It’s even been over 20 since the release of the tabletop game changer Settlers of Catan. In those years that have passed board games have evolved tremendously. I’ve been heavily involved in tabletop gaming since 2004, the summer I discovered Settlers of Catan and subsequently spent the rest of the summer playing the breakout Euro game for the rest or the summer. In those past 13 years the production quality of hobby board games has increased in all aspects giving us highly...

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