I drew The Speaker for Dark Horse Presents issue #7 

I was thinking about what gets left behind when a person is gone. Now it feels more about the parts of you –your work or your ideas or ideas about your work- that go on without you.

There’s something kind of sad when people are celebrated after they’re no longer around to see it, but maybe it’s not about them as much as celebrating what they put out into the world.

I remember being wary of working with any input from an editor on this, I’d initially agreed to showing the story in steps but then ended up just turning it in it finished –The only edit was black barring a “fucking” — & I also black barred “comics” on the title page as a joke.

On the 5th page I tried to get the reader to go from the 5th panel to the bottom of the page & read up.  to see if I could lead the readers eye to read a page backwards. Experiments like that are fun. It doesn’t even matter if they work, I think the attempt is worth it.