Here is another chapter from the first issue of Cayrels Ring. The story is called Rend It and below is  the Epilogue.

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Aaron Conley and I had previously worked together on a short story that appeared in the back of Prophet Earth War #2. I first met Aaron at ECCC in 2014. He was cool and we had a good time hanging out. Then in late 2014 I was sent to Orlando for work. I knew Aaron lived a mere hour drive away so I contacted him and we arranged to hang out for the evening in his hometown. We had some beers and laughs with his partner and it felt like it solidified our friendship. The Prophet collaboration came out of that. When I began working on Cayrels Ring, I knew I was going to ask him to work again with me.

I love working with Aaron and I love the work he does. No on looks like Conley, totally unique and awesome! We’ve been working on a pitch which I hope will see the light of day, maybe with Kickstarters help.

This chapter serves as an Epilogue to the main story. It lets us see the shit caused by the inherent bias in KLARA’s algorithms. The symptoms shown by Q’Soni is similar to the Bends. While the atmospheric properties on  Circini III was great for Humans and Trieni, it is far too rich in oxygen for the Q’Soni. With the Trieni, I envisioned the soil not being adequate for their nutritional requirements. The plants grown were not yielding enough nutrition.

The colonists had put to much faith in a computer and while it may have been a Supercomputer, it ended up being their downfall. Take away what you will.