Here’s all of the Comic lovers chapters that were done for Image plus magazine.

These all ran on the inside front cover of the magazine from it’s 1st issue until it’s 11th.

This one was riffing off of Wally Wood’s 22 panels that always work:

I feel like my overall take on comics is less utilitarian than what Wood was going for with these. I’m much less interested in adding variety to boring panels and MUCH more into interesting new directions the art form can go when you combine words and pictures.

Music in comics is often a problem area, so this last one was me forcing myself to look into where it’s been done in really impressive ways.

Here’s what 2 of the Appleseed pages I was talking about look like:

This next one was a con report that I drew in several pages of my sketchbook and then pieced together in Photoshop:

This one about Tagami’s Grey, was what I was thinking Comic lovers was going to turn into eventually, if I’d ended up doing it for more than a year. 1 pagers on amazing comics that I don’t think  get talked about enough.

This one was a blast in that I got one of my comic book heroes Adam Warren (Of Empowered & Dirty Pair fame) to do a response page about line tangents that ran in the issue after my flippant

“whatever whatever” take on tangents.

And that brings us to the final Comic lovers. Ending these was bittersweet, they took up time that could be spent drawing full on books but I had a blast doing them.

Thanks for reading these, I’m going to be collecting them in print Fall 2018 inside my Royalboiler artbook