It’s Tuesday and we continue with another chapter from the first issue of Cayrels Ring. The story is called Rend It and below is Chapter 4.

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I was pretty excited to be working with Grim Wilkins on CAYRELS RING. I first saw Grim’s work on his series Mirenda which he had done two Kickstarters to fund. Grim’s art is so unique and recognizable and it was great seeing his work pop up in Prophet Earth War. My first personal interaction with Grim was when I bought a page of his Prophet work from him. I was amazed by his process, as it was unique as his art.

One of the exciting things about working with so many different artists was seeing how they turned my script into sequential art. I was curious how Grim was going to draw the last page of this chapter and was very happy with the results.

The script was an exercise in story compression with so much epic action happening very quickly, sometimes too quickly. After seeing Grim’s panels, I split my dialogue into a few different boxes over a few more panels to much better affect. Below is the final page of script in this chapter, followed by the chapter itself.

PAGE SIX (6 panels)

PANEL 1: Close up of the CPU.


You are under the impression that my actions are free will. I am simply following my programing.

PANEL 2: The room begins to shake. Chucks of the roof are falling. Bensin stands with a wide stance to keep from falling.


I’m afraid collateral damage will occur.

PANEL 3: Bensin sits in under a nearby archway. Debris is falling all around her but she is safe from harm…for now.

PANEL 4: Close up of the case Powats gave her. Bensin is in the midst of opening it.

PANEL 5: In one hand Bensin holds a small vial and in the other she holds a small remote control which is projecting a hologram of Garrett (refer to Chapter 3 for reference of Garrett) who is an old man, similar in age to Jamitch but in much better health. He looks very professional, like the CEO of a company, which he actually is. Bensin’s face shows a heavy dose of sadness and sorrow.


If you are hearing this message, then you have failed in completing your mission. The vial in your possession contains the energy created from hyper-speed electron collisions. Once released it will create a black hole just big enough to swallow Aulendil IV, leaving the Kullar Nunu systems gravitational forces at equilibrium.

PANEL 6: A close up of Bensin’s finger releasing the contents of the vial.

PANEL 7: A completely black panel.