It’s Tuesday and we continue with another chapter from the first issue of Cayrels Ring. The story is called Rend It and below is Chapter 3.

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Around a year ago I was listening to the CBC Radio program “The Current”. The episode was called “How algorithms are targeting implicit bias” and was about complex algorithms and their unconscious bias and societal effects. This is where the idea of KLARA’s bias came from. After I wrote this chapter I wrote an outline for a addendum showing one of the earlier programmers of KLARA and how events in their life helped shape the bias written into the original algorithms of KLARA’s programming, centuries before. In the end it felt a bit too heavy handed and I decided to leave it out.

My favourite part of Brandon’s chapter is the bottom half of the last page. The waiting and yearning of Jamitch as he awaits for the return of the ship to pick up the last remaining scientists, was made powerful by the series of increasingly smaller panels. What a brilliant way to show passage of time. Brandon manages to capture in pictures what words never could.