Starting last week, I’ve begun to serialize the first issue of Cayrels Ring. You can find the first chapter here. I am currently running a Kickstarter for issue 2 of Cayrels Ring. If you are enjoying the serialized chapters of this book, please consider lending your support to the project.

CAYRELS RING – CHAPTER 2 (art by Simon Roy, colours by Cassie Kelly)

The idea of a planet-sized super computer is not a new one. I first came across the idea of a mega-huge super computer when reading Issac Asimov’s short stories and his description of the Multivac. The idea of a computer so complex that we don’t run it, we merely interrupt the data it spits out is highly intriguing to me. I imagined this computer to be so big and esoteric in design, that it would enviably take over its host planet. This super computer would be able to control everything, right down to its environment because after all, weather, rock and earth, they are all merely heat sinks. I named the super computer after my daughter, Klara, for no other reason then the computer needed a name. What does KLARA stand for? Let me get back to you on this.

Without further ado, here is Chapter 2 by incomparable Simon Roy with colours by Cassie Kelly.