Cayrels Ring by Sandra Lanz

This week I launched the Kickstarter for Cayrels Ring #2. The first one was successfully launched back in January of this year and helped me create, along with my many collaborators, a new galaxy from which to tell my stories in.

The first issue was comprised of 8 short stories, or chapters, which told a single cohesive story. Each chapter, appendix, addendum was illustrated by a different artist and the resulting book was a great success.

My goal with Cayrels Ring is to build a world to tell the stories of normal people placed in strange and abnormal situations. I’ve put a lot of thought into the series and wanted to share a couple of my decisions with the book.

First rule of Cayresl Ring is that the people who inhabit the galaxy are never of pure race. They traveled from Earth, upon enormous Generation Ships, to reach Cayrels Ring and it would be ridiculous to imagine a group of humanity that was not mixed. I instructed my collaborators to emphasize this. Make our characters look Indian, Chinese, Filipi, Black, whatever.

The names I gave the characters hinted at Earthen ancestry but I also wanted to have fun creating new names. I also wanted to have a fair representation of the female characters in the book. Is this my utopia? Yeah, kind of. The thing that struck me as I’ve been drawing and writing my other self-published series is that I can do whatever I want. This is comic books after all and when your readership is as small as mine, I’m sure no one will care what I do.


Cayrels Ring #2 with art by Alchemichael and colours by Cassie Kelly

Going forward with the series, starting with issue 2, I will be collaborating solely with Alchemichael and Cassie Kelly.  The next four issues (#2-5) will feature 3 short stories involving different characters whom inhabit the starry ring. Some of these characters have been affected by the events in issue 1, some have not.

Varlo Das’s first appearance. Art by Farel Dalrymple

The scruffy man you see in the preview pages for issue 2 is named Varlo Das. He’s a low grade bounty hunter who makes a living tracking down colony deserters. These are people who signed up to help colonize a new world but then abscond when they realize how difficult and dangerous the life can be. Other Hunters look down upon these bounties but not Das. Varlo Das is interesting in that he doesn’t possess a shuttle of his own, he travels around the galaxy using the equivalent of a Greyhound bus.

Varlo Das was introduced in Chapter 5 of issue one by Farel Dalrymple. (See panel to the left).

Issue 6-10, hoping we make it there, will feature a line-up of characters introduced in the first 5 issues, involved in an epic, multi issue story line. I’m excited to unleash it upon the world.

While the first issue told a self contained story, it was the seed for a new galaxy, one where I plan to tell all the stories I wish to tell. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to work with such a great list of collaborators and I’m hoping to find more reader support in continuing the series.

Starting today and every Tuesday for the next 8 weeks, I will be posting chapters from the first issue of Cayrels Ring. If you enjoy the story and want to see more, consider heading over to Kickstarter and back the second issue.

CAYRELS RING – Chapter 1 (art by Alchemichael, colours by Cassie Kelly)

After becoming a father, I became interested in the mother/child bond. It was the unspoken communication between my wife and daughter that inspired these two. From there Nella’s backstory grew into what it became.