For those that don’t know me, my name is Robin and I host a podcast called Inkstuds. Brandon is an old friend of whom I know too much about. I was talking to Brandon and Shannon about writing about comics I have been reading, whether it be new or something weird that I come across diving in comic bins. I’ve been hosting Inkstuds for almost 12 years. In that time, i have been lucky enough to interview the widest range of cartoonists imaginable. I think I am up there on some list of most cartoonists interviewed. I can’t say the interviews are any good, but I like doing them.

About a year and a half ago, my life went through a major change with my dad having a devastating stroke. My interviews took a hit, with my input being really limited. I still do interviews, but not nearly as often as I would like. In order to do an interview, i need to spend time focused on a creators body of work and prep and be ready. In the meanwhile, i still get a lot of books either sent to me or my own buying. I am hoping to use this space to talk about some of the cool comics I come across. I’m not going to get into deep analysis. I will leave that to far better writers, like my pal, Sarah Horrocks.

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My most recent purchase is Johnny Appleseed. I will buy anything by Noah Van Sciver. I’ve been reading Noah’s work from very early on, and am consistently happy with it. This latest work from fantagraphics is written by historian, Paul Buhle. Paul has done a lot of historical non-fiction comic work, focused mostly at progressive socialist figures and movements.

This american icon is along those same lines. A figure coming from a set of religious and philosophical ideas, Buhle and Van Sciver dive into the idea of the man, and the faith that motivated him. It’s not a very exciting book to read, with lots of extra pieces about the legacy.

Noah Van Sciver doesn’t ever need a writer. His work is so full of life and ideas and emotions. I know he probably did it for a reason, and the topic is definitely in his wheel house. But I look forward to the next book he puts this amount of work in, because it will be excellent. In the meanwhile, you can also get Blammos from Kilgore Books. Any Noah is good Noah.

I was in Montreal last week with my lady for a much needed trip away. I did a little comic shopping, checking out what the town had to offer. The European comics selection was unreal. I sent the above photo to Brandon on twitter. He hasn’t been to Montreal, but i am sure it won’t end well when he does go. At this store, DeBeDe, i bought a stack of cheaply priced oddities. The one that stands out is this one by Jean-Christophe Long. It was published by Le Fremok aka FRMK out of France. I once bought a stack of their books at SPX including a couple of Cowboy Henk books.

This book is insane! super visceral weirdness. The beginning and end are done in this great, registered faux silkscreen style. Showing a violent love making that ends with guy being straight down the front. and there’s a weird bird!

The majority of the book is a very stark black and white, and continues to be bizarre as fuck.

Look at those weird giant fish! Nothing about this book is pleasant or relaxing, but I love it.

If I go back, and have more time, I will definitely dive deeper in this store. I found some other weird things I will post another time. I also picked up the Fort Thunder issue of the comics journal, so I had something in english I could actually read while relaxing in a park. When I first started doing the show, Fort Thunder was such an important moment in comics and it’s weird to think that it’s a couple of generations removed now, with folks like Michael Deforge and Noel Friebert as more modern touch stones for young creators.

I found this zine while digging in a deep bin in a store that appeared to have nothing exciting for me, but viola, a 1974 weirdo surreal sex comic. It’s self published by french artist, Olivier Taffin. His later work that I can find online doesn’t really excite me as much. I like how this is a look into a developing artist really going full hog into drawing with his most primal interests and letting that just go in different directions.

The work isn’t full on sex in the erotic sense, but ideas of sex with some too on the nose visual metaphors.

I’ll try and post more soon, but here is a taste of what I have in mind for future posts. I hope folks enjoy seeing new weird comics and a current good book. Sorry for the crappy cell phone picks.

And here is something to listen to.