HELLlOoooo, another week of me (Brandon Graham– Of King city, Multiple Warheads, Prophet –etc) and Mr, Dr. Joe Keatinge (writer of Shutter, Ringside, Glory etc)

Talking about some of the new comics that are coming out this week

(This list is based off looking at the list on comiclist)

OK! let’s Thulsa DO IT!

Aardvark Comics #1 by Dave Sim $4.00 (AARDVARK VANAHEIM)

JOE: I’m not sure what I make of these Dave Sim/Gustave Doré mashup comics as, like Crumb last week, Sim’s a creator who I continue to have a complicated reader-to-work-to-creator relationship. Even with his well documented deplorable viewpoints aside, I’ve found the Cerebus in Hell (now a series of differently named one-shots) to be narratively impenetrable, even in the context as single-page gag strips, yet enthralling as a look into a late period work from a creator who used to mean a lot to me. It’s a look into a creative connection which used to be, now long since gone. I’m also glad a self-published one-shot from anyone is still able to find distribution to comic book stores via the sole major distributor.

Arya #1  $3.99 (ANTARCTIC PRESS) By Sofia Davila and Minjun Chen (cover by Crisalys)


JOE: I don’t know anything about this anthology besides it is female-focused and has one stellar looking cover.

Brandon: from what I’ve read it sounds really fun. The preview text describes one of the stories in it as “Anais is magically transported to a very strange world, where the only way home is to find the items on her shopping list. “ Here’s some art by contributor Sofía Dávila. (her tumbr is http://sofiasketch.tumblr.com/

The cover artist is Crisalys who has a tumbr Here

More of their work:

Gold Digger #246 $3.99 By Fred Perry. (ANTARCTIC PRESS)

Brandon: I’m been reading Perry’s Gold digger since forever. I think I get the same thing out of it that I used to get from reading 80’s Xmen, (but I think GD has aged better, & works better as a whole)

It’s dense fun writing with a million different characters with a lot of nods to 80’s and 90’s pop culture and hella male gazey (Transformers, Street Fighter, MST3K) . Perry is interesting in that he’s prolific and his work is accessible but for some reason his stuff seems to never have hit a mainstream comic audience –

Bottoms Ups GN, $15.00 (BIRDCAGE BOTTOM BOOKS) “Bottoms Up! True Tales of Hitting Rock-Bottom collects real stories of addiction – alcohol, narcotics, sex, pornography, body dysmorphia and more – adapted into comics by nearly 40 indie cartoonists. Contributors include Rachel Dukes, Noah Van Sciver, Sara Lautman, Kevin Budnik & more. A portion of proceeds will be donated to a local rehabilitation orgnaization. The book will include a list of Recovery organizations for those seeking help with addiction.”

(looks like a Ben Passmore cover)

Brandon: This anthology has some great people in it. here’s pictures of Rachel Dukes and Noah Van Sciver drawing themselves.


Going Into Town A Love Letter To New York GN, $28.00 by Roz Chast

JOE: A new Roz Chast work is always cause for celebration. In addition, her “love letter to New York” should be a great follow up to her recent travelling art exhibition, Cartoon Memoirs.

Godshaper #6 (Of 6)  $3.99 By Simon Spurrier, Jonas Goonface (Boom)

(not pages of issue 6– just pages I thought looked cool)

Brandon- Jonas Goonface is one of the more new-to-comic-shelves-creators whose work has really impressed me. He colors his own stuff — which I think aids in how much it stands out. I love the way he rim lights characters by coloring the black lines.

Hi-fi Fight Club #2 (of 4) By (W) Carly Usdin (inks) Irene Flores (Pencils) Nina Vakueva (Boom) 

The penciler of the book (Nina Vakueva) does a webcomic called Lilith’s world that you can read here (It’s pretty, here’s a page from it)

Unholy #5 By Christian Zanier and  Raulo Caceres (BOUNDLESS COMICS) 

Brandon: I always keep an eye out for Christian Zanier’s work. He was doing porn comics when I was, and seemed more suited to that life than me. His work feels like B movies and it always feels like he’s trying to go above and beyond in how much work he puts into a page.

Chaser Platoon GN, $19.99 By Tim Eldred (COSMIC TIMES)

Berlin #21, $5.95  By Jason Lutes (DRAWN AND QUARTERLY)

The penultimate issue of the long-running series”

JOE: We should all be thankful for Jason Lutes’ recent productivity on Berlin. Librarians and educators alike, please note the eventual Berlin collection as a future perennial.

Sorayama Complete Masterworks SC, $50.00 (EDITION SKYLIGHT)

JOE: If you’re in the market for a big ole book full of pinup robots, look no further! You’ll recognize Sorayama’s work from the covers of Heavy Metal and Aerosmith’s Just Press Play. Not sure I’ll be buying this, but I’m glad it exists.

Brandon: It just occurred to me that Sorayama’s airbrush might look like it has the same chrome skin as all of his robot ladies. I hope he lives in a Chrome house next to a chrome lake.

Gardens Of Glass GN, $22.50 By Lando (FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS)

Brandon: Lando along with Stathis Tsemberlidis do Decadence comics, (their site is here)  Fantastic sci fi comics.


Bernie Wrightson Art & Designs For Gang Of 7 Animators HC (HERMES PRESS)

JOE: Hermes Press is well known for their quality art books, so this collection of Wrightson concept art is well worth a look.

Corto Maltese Volume 6 Fable Of Venice GN, $19.99 By Hugo Pratt (IDW PUBLISHING)

JOE: Fable of Venice signals Hugo Pratt’s more surrealistic take on Corto (fully realized in Mu) and is a wonderful look into the city Pratt called home. I recommend supplementing Fable of Venice with The Secret Venice of Corto Maltese, a guidebook to Venice concentrating on the stranger elements of its history and Corto’s place in them (did you know Venice’s famed Caffe Florian has their own Corto Maltese cocktail? Now you know!).

Brandon: In looking this up I also saw that there’s a The Secret Venice, Corto video game too. (look there’s his hat and coat behind the bar)

Jerome K. Jerome Bloche Volume 1 The Shadow Killer HC, $14.99 By Alain Dodier  (IDW PUBLISHING)

“Since 1985, the inquiries of private investigator Jérôme K. Jérôme Bloche have been serialized first in the weekly anthology Spirou and subsequently collected in graphic albums by Éditions Dupuis, with 25 volumes published so far.” From a Bleeding cool article (here)

Paklis #5, $5.99 By Dustin Weaver (Image comics) 

Brandon: I have a pin up in this issue. I feel like you can see that Dustin is reaching out to try new things in this series.  

(here’s my pin up)

Sex Criminals Volume 4 Fourgy TP, $16.99 By Chip Zdarsky and Matt Fraction (Image) 

Shutter Volume 5 So Far Beyond TP, $19.99 by Joe Keatinge And Leila Del Duca, with Owen Gieni on colors. 

JOE: The End.

M.F.K. GN, $24.99 By Nilah Magruder (Insight Comics) 

” following the story of Abbie, a deaf girl with a mysterious power, who is traveling across a vast desert to scatter her mother’s ashes.”

Brandon: You can read a preview of this book here. 

Genshiken Second Season Volume 11 GN, $10.99 By Shimoku Kio  (KODANSHA COMICS)

Brandon: I had a blast reading the start of this manga series about a club of nerds.


Princess Jellyfish GN Vol. 06 $19.99  By Akiko Higashimura (KODANSHA COMICS)

Brandon: There’s a Manben episode with this artist toooo (HERE) 

Catalyst Prime Incidentals #2 $3.99  By Joe Casey, Larry Stroman (LION FORGE)

The first Time I’ve seen Larry Stroman’s work on shelves in years. & I believe that’s Rob Stull (of Tellos fame)  inking him too.

I remember hearing that Stroman drew standing up like a painter.

Moonhead And The Music Machine GN, $15.95 (NOBROW PRESS)

JOE: Nobrow Press continues to have a flawless streak of quality releases, which has me excited for this book alone, but its description takes it up a notch. “Having a moon for a head at high school is a pretty tricky situation. But when the school talent contest is announced, Joey Moonhead spots an opportunity to impress his classmates with a music machine.”

Kuma Miko Volume 6 GN, $11.95 (ONE PEACE BOOKS)

“Kuma Miko” – Sometimes it takes a bear to teach the bare necessities of life

Cartoons Magazine #11 $5.99 (PICTURE ESQUE PUBLISHING)

“CARtoons is back to print after 25 years with Hot Rod-related B&W stories and artwork from multiple artists such as George Trosley, Jim Lawson, Jeff Slemons, and many more.”

Beautiful Death #1 , $5.99 By Mathieu Bablet (titan)

Brandon: I did a variant cover for this one. Usually when I do a cover or a pin up in a book it’s because I want a free copy of it. I mean, they pay me and everything but that’s often my logic when I take the job.

So that’s that.