Here’s the first part of a weekly series where me (Brandon Graham) and Mr. Joe Keatinge (writer of Shutter, Ringside, Glory etc) 

Talk about some of the new comics that are coming out this week. (This list is based off looking at the list on comiclist)


Short Con GN, $9.95 By Pete Toms, & Aleks Sennwald Published by ALTERNATIVE COMICS 

This looks to be a fun book– I like the Vampfication joke on this page:

Adventure Time Comics #15 Published by Boom.  –$3.99

Brandon: I’m interested in this issue to see what Ben Passmore did in it.

Passmore is a cartoonist whose work I’ve been really impressed by. He’s been getting a lot of well deserved attention for his book, Your black friend. (that’s him holding an Ignatz brick he won for it in the above picture) 

and not enough attention for his other work

Here’s a page from his Rsa and Billy that’s running on Vice. 

. You should check out his site Here


Misfit City #5 $3.99 by Kiwi Smith, Kurt Lustgarten and Naomi Franquiz (Boom Studios)


Unsound #4 (of 6)  by Cullen Bunn &  Jack Cole $3.99

JOE: Jack T. Cole’s one of those guys who I already see being in comics for the long game. You can dissect his influences, but it’s amazing how he’s solidified his voice, especially considering he’s at an early point in his career. Unless I’m mistaken, his only published work is Unsound and his spreads in Island. That said, he’s become someone who I’ll blindly purchase any of his work. I recommend everybody do the same.

More of Jack’s work can be found Here
and some more examples from his tumbr

Brandon: I wanted to mention Zombie Tramp #39 (published by DANGER ZONE) if only for this pretty , Hector Sevilla cover. (His site here) 

Fred The Clown The Iron Duchess GN,by Roger Langridge $19.99 (Fantagraphics Books)

Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant Fantagraphics Studio Edition HC , $175.00 $19.99 FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS

JOE: While this is not the best intro of Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant, it is a good reminder to read an intro of Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant. Fantagraphics’ reprint project – a series of oversized hardcovers, with impeccable printing and color reproduction (both essential to reproducing an artist as detailed as Foster). That said, if you are acquainted, it is tempting to throw down a cash stack for scans of the originals.

(here’s Foster working on a Sunday page)

Park Bench By Christophe Chaboute GN, $25.00 (GALLERY 13)

Brandon: A French comic showing how different members of a community use the same Park bench. Seems like a good test of craft if anything.

It reminds me of this photo I’ve had saved on my computer since forever, or all these people using a bathroom in different ways.

Phantom The Complete Avon Novels Volume 3 By Lee Falk (with The Scorpia Menace SC (not verified by Diamond), $14.99 HERMES PRESS

(with a sweet George Wilson cover!)


Head Lopper #7  By Andrew MacLean, $5.99 (Image comics)

Mirror #8  By Emma Rios & Hwei Lim $3.99 (Image comics)

JOE: I’ve said it elsewhere, and I’ll say it here, but Mirror is my current favorite ongoing series, tied only with Geof Darrow’s Shaolin Cowboy. They’re both dense works – Darrow with visual detail while Mirror’s Hwei Lim and Emma Rios require you to sit down and pay attention. Otherwise the comic will leave the station without you. I feel they’re doing sci-fi/fantasy reflecting our times with a skill akin to Ursula K. LeGuin or Octavia Butler. There’s an inexpensive trade paperback collecting the first four issues. You can also read Coredoor’s Sarah Horrocks talking with Hwei and Emma about creating the series. (HERE) 


Snotgirl #7  By Bryan Lee O’Malley and Leslie Hung $2.99 (Image comics)

Brandon:  I think Snotgirl occupies a really interesting place in comics right now. I can’t think of many comics I could give to a cool fashion kid who grew up on Manga & didn’t care about morality tales. But this one would do fantastically. In the past I would say that I didn’t want to spend time with characters that I wouldn’t like– but there’s a charm in Snotgirl’s protagonists insanely self centred world view.

Also Leslie & Sloane Leong are doing a fantastic comic podcast you can hear here.

Thought Bubble 2017 Anthology #6,  By Marian Churchland, Brandon Graham, Simon Roy Marley Zarcone, Joe Keatinge, Wook Jin Clark and more $3.99

Brandon: I did a 2 page collaboration with my long time Prophet homie Simon Roy, & my pal Marley Z is in it and Marian Churchland–

Here’s a page from me & Simon’s story.

And Marian’s

JOE: Wook Jin Clark and I have a story featuring our hot new character, Buster (a dog). If you like comics about dogs, you’ll love what we’re doing. There are plenty of other comics in here if you don’t like dogs.


Welcome To The Ballroom Volume 7 GN, By Tomo Takeuchi $12.99

Brandon: “step into the high-octane world of competitive dance!” I love the paneling in this manga and how  Tomo Takeuchi shows movement

Mondo Erotika The Art Of Roberto Baldazzini HC, $39.95 KORERO BOOKS

Brandon: Baldazzini an Italian cartoonist whose had a lot of his porn comics translated in English through NBM’s Erotica line.

Moebius wrote an intro for his Casa Howhard book– about the sexual adventures of a bunch of trans women who live together.

And here’s a Lewis Trondheim comic about Moebius showing him Baldazzini’s work.

Lighter Than My Shadow GN, By Katie Green $19.99 LION FORGE

Little Red Wolf HC, $19.99 by Amelie Flechais  (LION FORGE’s kids imprint CubHous)

JOE: I don’t know anything about Little Red Wolf, other than the cover is gorgeous and I look forward to discovering more.

Fauns And Fairies The Adult Fantasy Coloring Book SC, By Trungles  $11.99  (Oni Press)

Brandon: I really enjoy Trungles, Mucha meets manga drawing style. I personally don’t understand the appeal of an adult coloring book ,”Here strangers just fuck up my nice drawings with crayons”  but a black and white art book sounds cool.

There’s a preview of the book here. 

Plum Crazy Tales Of A Tiger-Striped Cat Volume 2 GN, By Hoshino tsumi $12.99 (SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT)

Robert Crumb Sketchbook Volume 2 September 1968-January 1975 HC, $39.99 (TASCHEN AMERICA)

JOE: Crumb’s a difficult one for me, for obvious reasons. When I was a kid, I grew up near a comic book store in Santa Monica called Hi De Ho. Back then the store was a beautiful mess, with stacks of comics next to each other regardless of creator, subject matter, or publisher. They stacked Rob Liefeld’s New Mutants near Hugo Pratt’s Corto Maltese, which was near old back issues of Heavy Metal alongside Lone Wolf & Cub reprints and undergrounds like Robert Crumb. The shop was an ideal setting for me, as it reinforced the idea all comics are comics without the odd divides separating them into other categories. Eurocomics and Spawn were all the same thing. Crumb struck me because it was obviously rooted in the 1920s and ‘30s cartoons I grew up obsessed with (I was a weird kid with the tastes of an 85-year-old) but had something… wrong with them. And as a kid, the pursuit of the ethereal “wrong” in whatever I was reading was irresistible. I ended up drawing a lot of Crumb in sketchbooks over and over and seeing Terry Zwigoff’s documentary solidified the idea that comic book creators were regular idiots like everybody else, so maybe a regular idiot like me could make comics as well. That said, as time passes and experience replaces ignorance (at least, one hopes), the offensive side of his work grew more and more apparent. It’s hard to deny something is appealing about his work hardlined into my drawing DNA, but it’s equally hard to say I can look at it with fondness anymore.

BRANDON: I feel like Crumb is a great gateway into showing how to open your brain and let it all spill out, His work accepts no moral restrictions. & I think comics as a medium is richer for it.I also think that his work seems to have grown more in craft over the years and not so much in what he has to say. Maybe the human condition is just to worry about what gives you weird boners but I wish he’d pushed it further than that.

Movie Art Of Syd Mead Visual Futurist HC, $49.95 TITAN PUBLISHING GROUP

JOE: Any compilation of Syd Mead’s work is worth a look, a purchase.

Brandon: One of my favorite nods to Mead– in Shirow’s Appleseed book 2 with the S.Mead car they drive.

Nichijou Volume 10 GN, by Keiichi Arawi $10.95 (VERTICAL COMICS)

Goodnight Punpun Volume 7 GN, By Inio Asano $14.99 (VIZ MEDIA)

Brandon: Above is from the excellent ManBen series of interviews with cartoonists that Urasawa has been doing. (that’s him on the left and Inio Asano on the right)

Here’s a link to that episode

Master Keaton Volume 12 GN, by Hokusei Katsushika & Naoki Urasawa $19.99 (VIZ MEDIA)

I’m so happy that comics has Urasawa, I discovered his work at a time that I was growing really cynical of the work coming out of Japan. Reading his work and learning about his process was really eye opening for me, both in his use of plots and how he structures a story and his use of the Japanese studio system– something that before reading his work I tended to think was something that just weakened the voice of a single creator.

He makes it work like uhhhh….

Brandon: Not a comic, but I wanted to mention the upcoming Blade Runner Black Out 2022. An anime short, directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, of Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo fame. (there’s a video about it here) 

Which leads me to any excuse to post this: