So Brandon asked me to do a post about what I’m bringing to Rose City Comic Con in Portland, Oregon this weekend (9/8 to 9/10)–like in terms of my goods to trade for your dollars.  First off… I will be at Rose City Comic Con this weekend, in case you didn’t know.  I will be tabling with Brandon, and Alejandra(Gutierrez), who will herself have a zine and some prints, follow her on twitter(@effalope) for details–I have no idea what Brandon will have, probably stuff with butts on it that he’ll draw more butts inside of while talking to you about butts.  Alejandra and Brandon are allowing me to stay with them in Portland, which is also why I will be able to be at this thing.  Also, on Saturday, in the Afternoon, I will be doing a panel about this site, Coredoor with Joe Keatinge and the aforementioned Brandon (Graham).  I’m going to find out who came up with the name.  Was it Brandon?  Was it Joe?  Was it Shannon? Come to the panel, and find out.  I suspect we’ll get into other things as well.

Also on Saturday they are doing the Pretty Deadly panel at like 1030am for some reason, but if I can get to the convention in time, I really want to go to that panel.  A huge reason I wanted to do this convention at the last minute was because Emma is one of my favorite artists and I haven’t gotten to meet her in person.  For me, I think her and Ron Wimberly are the two biggest geniuses in western comics right now. Whenever one of them have something new out, I always snap it up and get better at what I do for it.  I also think Kelly Sue Deconnick and Jordie Bellaire are doing great on Pretty Deadly.  Clayton Cowles is doing his thing too.  Emma is also doing a panel on the future of Image comics with some other people, but it’s at the same time as the panel I am on, so IMO go to the Pretty Deadly one, and then skip the other one, and just come to my panel.  Or OR you can go to the Image panel, but you have to record it for me and send me the recording afterwards.

Speaking of what I do.  RCCC will see the debut of my new series Goro.  Which I am printing pretty much monthly.  The schedule is like, Print 2 months, then do a digital collection of those two months in the third month, cycle repeat.  It’s planned as a ten print issue thing–which would be five digital issues, and it should be all out by this time next year.  Planning about ten issues.  I will have issue 1, which won’t be on sale to everyone else until 9/28, and I will have issue 2, which doesn’t come out to the masses until the end of October.  I am pretty excited about these books.  They are in the vein of like Dynasty, La Usurpadora, Almodovar, Douglas Sirk–trashy melodrama.  They are very much an exploration of my love of people saying shitty things to each other; and also my love of screaming and crying in comics.  So Zulawski is probably a touchstone too, as is Bergman. The short synopsis of what they’re about is: a Colombian assassin named Goro is sent to murder the wealthy American matriarch of a prominent family of motherfuckers.  The thing takes place in the late 80s.  That way that Elektra Assassin takes place in the real world but doesn’t–that’s kind of this thing.  And like that one, it glancingly deals with 80s CIA fuckery.  But the focus on the book is mostly just family yelling at each other.  Like the beginning of The Leopard, but much more savage and with more twists.  As with Leopard it is also a trans story.  Like all of my comics are.  I can’t help it. Can’t piss in public restrooms but I can still print my comics.  So this is what you get.  If you want me to start making all cis gender comics, stop fucking with my life.  Here is a preview of issue one:


Besides the two issues of Goro, I am also bringing copies of Goatlord, and maybe a few copies of Bruise if I can find them.  I might bring some copies of Leviathan, but I’m basically out of that, and I don’t like the art at the end of that one.  But I am doing a deal.  If you buy both issues of Goro(which are $10 a piece) you get either a copy of Goatlord or Bruise for free(while supplies last obviously).  I also might bring copies of the issue of Island I was in, but I found those were weird to sell people because the cover is like furries, and my whole thing is…not really…that.  But the genesis of the way I’m doing Goro is Brandon asking me to do this Island comics criticism thing, but drawn, so I got the idea of redrawing Kyoko Okazaki panels and then overlaying my drawings over hers, so you could kind of see what she was doing, but also see what I see she is doing in my recreation–so while I was doing that, I wondered if I could draw my own comic in something like that style, which became Goatlord, which is kind of a short story of a longer slasher story that I might do someday–but so I really liked how Goatlord came out, and it’s still one of the things I’ve drawn that I like looking back at quite a bit.  To me, it’s my best work before Goro.  Goro isn’t exactly that style.  Goro is probably a midway point between The Leopard and Goatlord, but more textural than either(as you can see).  But anyways, I would say if you haven’t read Goatlord(it’s a backup comic in one of the Leopard digital editions(I think #3)) then I think it’s a good thing to pick up with Goro–and you can get it for free.  Bruise is a car thing I did for Ian Harker’s publishing venture, he said to make the comic you’d never make basically–and so I made a car comic about dudes–and then just tried to make it something I was interested in, so it’s like a cyberpunk risotone book.

Past all of that, if you would like to buy some of my comics digitally in the meantime, you can buy all of The Leopard, my slasher comic from the last two years, on my gumroad store:

If you’d like to support me on patreon, I post all kinds of shit there, ask around, people will tell you:

And here’s my website which has a lot of art on it, and links to wherever you might want to find me:

And if you’re going to the con, come say hi.  I may seem scary online, but in person, I’m pretty great, and can talk to you about pretty much anything. I’m pretty easy to find.  I’m like the 6 foot blonde trans woman.  I’ll probably wear boots with heals so I’ll look like I’m even taller! So I’ll be hard to miss.  So see you there!