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Welcome to the inaugural post on CoreDoor.

I have a new apartment in the norteamericano home to Comic publishers and artisan-Coffee-brewed-out-of-the-urethras-of-evergreen-trees, Portland Or. It’s aight.

I’ve been working on finishing up my Multiple Warheads.  (MW: Ghostown)

I’ve been working at the breakneck speed of 4 pages a week. Which is my casual ideal, but some weeks are more 4 pages than others. I draw fast these days.  It’s a delicate balance between working pages enough for them to be good but not fiddling with them forever-ever.

Here’s the pencils of a MW page that I scrapped.

and the finished page

Oh also recently Grim Wilkins (of Prophet and Island magazine’s Mirenda –soon to be collected into a trade by Image) Did this amazing Warheads pin up. That refection!

Before getting back to Warheads I did an 8 page comic for the Comics and Cola Critical Chips 2

I was thinking that I wanted to see how clearly and concisely I could put all the information I know about drawing in perspective into one comic.

So it starts with that:

ending with my funeral

I also drew the whole thing in a sketchbook, in pencil with the text in ink– Which didn’t even speed things up as much as I hoped. It’s an experiment, that I hope worked out.

The kickstarter for that one is up for another few hours HERE 

And if you miss the kickstarter I think I’ll be putting it in my next artbook that I’m putting together nowish.

I also did a 2 pager with my Prophet homie Simon Roy for the newest Thought bubble anthology.

We did it Prophet style where after talking it out, I did rough layouts in Photoshop –we each drew different parts of the story and then I colored it.

(my rough layout for page 1)

and then the finished page, with Simon doing the top 5 panels and me on the 6th one. Lettered by the talented Ariana Maher

My dear sweet ex Marian Churchland did something in the same book.

Soooo good! Marian posted about this on what might be the final post on her HCHOM site. RIP HCHOM

I also did a couple covers recently,

Here’s the rough photoshop file I put together for a G.I. Joe cover (Because Prophet bra Giannis is on interiors)

I wanted to give Destro (James McCullen Destro XXIV–thanks for asking!) a gold-beard like the one in M’lady Gaga’s (A.K,A. Stefani Joanne Angelina Jolie Germanotta DeCobray XXIV-)  Bad bromance, but the editor didn’t think it would get past the Cobra overlords.

The editor also suggested I put The Baroness (Anastasia Cisarovna ) in the throne.

I did manage to give The Baroness (Anastasia Cisarovna A.K.A. Anastasia DeCobray if you’re nasty!) a grey stripe in her hair with no problems. and YEAH that is real Muppet fur!

It turned out like this:

Before it went to print they asked that I use the updated (and not as cool IMO) logo and mess with her mouth a bit- so the version that went to print looks like:

So that was a fun gig. For someone as unpatriotic or nationalist as I turned out as an adult I sure loved that cartoon — and The Michael Golden G.I.Joe Yearbook was something I was a huge fan of growing up. (I love how much he put into the equipment and vehicles)

I also did a cover for a Fred Perry Gold Digger swimsuit annual –(that we still need to figure out the details on) I’ve been a fan of Perry’s GD since the start. Me and (Prophet bra) Giannis Milonogiannis ,Adam Warren, Damon Gentry(Sabertooth Swordsman) Remy Boydell (The pervert) and Joe Wight (Twilight X) are all doing stuff for it.

My pencils looked like this:

and the final thing:

Adam Warren posted his too

and Titan asked me to do a cover for their translation of Mathieu Bablet’s The beautiful Death.

They sent me a PDF of the untranslated pages– I don’t think I’ve ever done a cover for anything I haven’t read (in English) before but I love the detail Bablet put into his backgrounds. I’m looking forward to seeing the book in print , and reading it.

My rough ideas for the cover:

and the final: 

Me and the nice lady who naps in my bed Alejandra Gutierrez did our own versions of DC comic’s Sexual sexy sex clown ( Doctor Harleen “the ween” Frances Quinzel).

mine: I really wanted to go in on the Insane Clown pussay angle. but I also like the Boy(pussy) wonder mask of her old costume.

And Alejandra’s — Her Sexual sexy sex clown gives people STDs that make them laugh to death. 

I’m still convinced that the new 69 redesign owes everything to Sugar Slam (of ICP Juggalette fame) Which is simultaneously the worst and the best thing. (Schrodinger’s Faygo)

Also, on the subject of me drawing things I have no reason or business drawing, I did a quick fashion magazine sketch of what a Vertigo THE CRAFT comic (an update of 1996’s film THE CRAFT) could look like.

I’m always lamenting that modern Vertigo lost it’s edgy teen goth roots.

My pal Muggles (Doctor Marley Zarcone) did not approve

Ice cold MUGZ!

Although I should’ve used my Vertigo logo redesign on this one.

Somedays I think I’m the only one who is serous about comics in this industry. COME ON PEOPLE!

ANYWAYYyyy here’s some recent sketchbook pages:

(plz ignore that I’m posting this the day after Kirby’s 100th Bday– also Happy B day)

OH AND SPEAKING OF! An Image plus comic I did last year

Alejandra drew herself on the one above.

These lollypops were for my pal Casey Kisses for her porn endeavours.

(this one is my pal Farel (of Pop gun War fame) drawing

Thanks for reading. I’m excited to get Coredoor (this site) going. with posts by me and my pals and peers about all sides of storytelling and being humans that we’re excited to type about.